August 13, 2016

Taiwan Chambers of Commerce in Canada (TCCCA) /加拿大臺灣商會聯合總會


加拿大臺灣商會聯合總會(簡稱TCCCA)是一個非營利組織,創立於1995年,由加拿大各省區經各級或以上政府核准登記的台商組織組成。加拿大台灣商會 聯合總會為加拿大最具代表性的全國性台商組織,會員遍佈加拿大各地城市。其組成成員為卑詩省台灣商會(Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C.),多倫多台商會(Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society Taipei/Toronto),以及魁北克台灣工商文化協會(Quebec Taiwan Business & Cultural Association)。

Taiwan Chambers of Commerce in Canada

Taiwan Chambers of Commerce in Canada (TCCCA) is a non-profit organization established in 1995. It is comprised of Taiwanese business organizations that have been registered by the Canadian government in various provinces. The TCCCA is the most representative Taiwanese business organization in Canada, with members residing in cities across the country. It is made up of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C. (TCCBC), Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society Taipei/Toronto (TESTT), and Quebec Taiwan Business & Cultural Association (QTBCA).

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