August 13, 2016

Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C.(TCCBC)/卑詩省臺灣商會




卑 詩省臺灣青年及企業家協會(TYPEABC)於2002年期間創立,由卑詩省臺灣商會(TCCBC)輔導。卑詩省臺灣商會(TCCBC)的宗旨是為了加強 卑詩省臺灣企業界的力度和經驗,搭建主流企業團體之間的橋梁,並有助於加強臺加經商的位置。TCCBC將通過促進商業資訊和合作交流,簡化全球商品與服務 的需求和供應,並促進臺灣商界的聲譽實現這一目標。

卑詩省臺灣商會的主要活動包括每月的商務論壇,良師益友活動,聖誕晚會,新春團拜,與每 年的臺商之夜大會種種活動來帶動會員相互交流。卑詩省臺灣商會是建立在北美臺灣商會及世界臺灣商會,其中包括超過52個國家,覆蓋近100個城市地區。這 些組織的成員加起來超過30,000企業人士。




Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C.

Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C. (“TCCBC”) was established on March 29, 1992, as “Taiwan Entrepreneurs Investors Association In B.C.” and in 2001 changed to its current name. TCCBC was incorporated on September 25, 1992 under the Provincial Society Act in B.C. as a non-profit organization. The Taiwan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association of B.C (TYPEABC) was founded during 2002 under full support of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C (TCCBC).

The mission of TCCBC is to consolidate the strength and experience of the Taiwanese business community in British Columbia, to bridge the gap between mainstream business groups, and to help enhance the position of Taiwanese-Canadian businesses. TCCBC will achieve this by promoting the exchange of business information and cooperation, facilitating global demand and supply of goods and services, and fostering the reputation of the Taiwanese business community.

The major activities of TCCBC include monthly business forums, happy hour gatherings, the mentorship program, networking events, and the annual gala banquet. TCCBC is structured within the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in North America and the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, which encompasses more than 52 countries and covers nearly 100 metropolitan areas. These organizations have a combined membership exceeding 30,000 businesspersons. In August 2007, TCCBC and the Burnaby Board of Trade signed a memorandum of agreement to promote business and investment opportunities between the members of the two societies.

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