August 13, 2016

Quebec Taiwan Business & Cultural Association(QTBCA) /魁北克臺灣工商文化協會




會員涵蓋來自台灣的工商專業人士、經貿專家、技術人才等逾1,200人,服務對象遍及來自世界各地的華人,包括台灣,中國,香港,新加坡,東南亞等地。協會 自成立以來,持續舉辦了一系列有意義的工商文化活動,以促進魁北克及華人工商界的聯繫,提供商業服務及有關諮詢的交流,幫助會員融入本地社會。透過這些活 動,成功地使台灣及協會之名在加拿大擴散遠颺,也成為魁北克公認之最有活力及主流社團之一。



Quebec Taiwan Business & Cultural Association

Quebec Taiwan Business & Cultural Association (QTBCA) in Canada was founded on April 1991. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. The QTBCA has helped several Taiwanese expats in the province of Quebec to start a new career path upon their arrival in Canada and it has also been instrumental in promoting the traditional culture of Taiwan/ Republic of China. Its goal is to facilitate the process of integration into the community. The QTBCA focuses on creating business opportunities and benefits for its members, and, in doing so, promote the position of Chinese people in the Quebec business world, while encouraging members to remain neutral in both political and religious endeavors.

The QTBCA is presently composed of over 1,200 members from a multitude of backgrounds, including business professionals, international trading experts, and financial technicians. Its service community has expanded to accommodate Chinese clients from all over the world, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and others. Since its establishment 25 years ago, the QTBCA has been the proud organizer of numerous important events, including, but not limited to the purpose of cultural celebrations, commercial promotions, and industrial developments. The association is committed to furthering and developing linkages between the Quebec and Taiwan/ Republic of China business worlds, and to providing business consulting services so as to help members better integrate into the local community. Given the success of these events, the QTBCA and Taiwan/ Republic of China are able to embrace a wonderful collaboration in Canada. It is needless to say that the QTBCA is recognized as one of the most dynamic, active, and classic Chinese organizations in Canada.

a. To facilitate the cooperation of business communities between Taiwan/Republic of China and Quebec, Canada.
b. To provide commercial services and related information exchange.
c. To organize business visits and meetings, and encourage members to develop their own business.
d. To help enable the integration of new members into the local community by encouraging participation in various social events and engagement in different multi-cultural communications.
e. To promote the presence of Chinese people in local business ventures.