August 13, 2016

Message from the President Ms. Chang/張總會長的話




張健理 敬上

Message from the President :

Why I want to be the president of TCCCA (Taiwan Chambers of Commerce in Canada)? The motif I devote myself to this challenge is to GIVE. In 2009, I was the president of TCCBC (Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C.), I was learning and receiving, seven years after, I am honorable to take this position, I hope to give and contribute.

There are three important missions I want to lead my team to achieve during my term, they are Love, Care and Share.

The first love to our home country, Taiwan. We will promote Taiwan, not only the quality of Taiwanese products but also the beauty of Taiwanese culture. The second care to our young generation, we will provide them our solid social network to help them find jobs and gain opportunities in the mainstream easily. The last share to our members with the business and investment information, we will also organize the visits for mutual interactions between Taiwan and Canada.

I will definitely do my best but I hope to have your full support! TCCCA is a big family, let’s work together to create a better tomorrow!

Christina Chang
President of Taiwan Chambers of Commerce in Canada, 2016-2018